Future of Fashion 2020 Tickets
$30 each day. $60 for a two day ticket. Use promo code to support participating artists. The artist or organization of your choice will get 15% of the ticket price when you use their promo code. Promo codes are listed on the bottom of this page. These promo codes don't offer any discount on the tickets price. It only help us track the name of the artist or organization you are supporting with your ticket purchase. After submitting the promo code form, please continue to the secured payment page through Square. 
Tickets for the Future of Fashion 2020 can also be purchased at the Lexington Art League's shop located at 209 Castlewood Dr. Lexington KY, 40505 and at the
Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center located on 300 E.Third St. Lexington, KY 40508 
Boletos para el Futuro de la Moda 2020 estan disponibles en Brenda's Estetica,
localizado en 1533 Eastland Pkwy #11 Lexington KY 40505
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FOF2020 Models'  Promo Code
Victoria McQuery-FOFM01, Camilla Lindahl-FOFM02, Tiffany Lewis-FOFM03, Tiffany Escobedo-FOFM04, Shuling Fister-FOFM04, Adriana Esparza-FOFM06, Dani Rodgers-FOFM07, Elizabeth McCray-FOFM08, Gabriella Rivera-FOFM09, Madeleine Biliter-FOFM10 Ciara Johnson-FOFM11, Karmari Boyd-FOFM12, Sarah Crumbie-FOFM14, Kunsong (Sandy) Zhang-FOFM15, Serena Fister-Mesh-FOFM16, Desiree Willis-FOFM17, Cherry -FOFM18, Lovelace Ebu-FOFM19, Megan Rainwater-FOFM20, Zoey Rainwater-FOFM21, Chris Boarialco-FOFM22, Connor Perry-FOFM23, Roshawn Geateskill-FOFM24, Sharon Chen-FOFM25, Pedro Reyes-FOFM26, Yanya Yang-FOFM27, Milo Yang-FOFM28, Esmeralda Cedillo-FOFM29, Zoe-FOFM30, Valeria-FOFM31, Amanda Villareal-FOFM32, Linda Kana-FOFM33 , Asouka Boachie-FOFM34, Marta Reyes-FOFM35, Chalyn Colwell-FOFM36, Quin Smith-FOFM37, Christie Perez-FOFM38, Yolanda Evans-FOFM39, Shannon Billups-FOFM40, Chrys Zsyle Allen-FOFM41, Kora Scott-FOFM42, Kyara Taylor-FOFM43, Makaila-FOFM44, Shuntella Whitfield-FOFM45, Grace Wilson-FOFM46, Briyan Perez-FOFM47, Michelle Cherie Paredes-FOFM48, Ellie Beltran-FOFM49, William Begley-FOFM50, Abigail  Hartge-FOFM51, Laura Kirkpatrick-FOFM52 , Awa Nicole Thornton-FOFM53, Keagan Poole-FOFM54, Jennifer Amezcua-FOFM55,  Bethany Nicole Whitaker-FOFM56, Olivia Nicole Davis-FOFM57, Devan Edwards-FOFM58, Cyonthaishia Cunningham-FOFM59, Kayla Alexander-FOF60
FOF2020 Designers' and Dressers Promo Code
Sarah Jane Estes-FOFD01, Polly Singer Couture Hats-FOFD02, Brent Breshear FOFD03, Soreyda Benedit-Begley-FOFD04, Krista Shah-FOFD05, Mary Violet Woosley-FOFD06,
Lovelace Fanyinka-FOFD07, Qi Zhou-FOFD08, Andrea Junca-FOFD09, Edward Taylor-FOFD10, Joanne Hope Skiles Couch-FOFD11, Meriah Kruse-FOFD12, Yolantha Harrison Pace-FOFD13, Samantha Jean Moore-FOFD14, Briana Armstrong-FOFD15,  Melissa Biliter-FOFD16, K.Chainey Turner-FOFD17, Karmari Boyd-FOFD18, Laverne Zabielskie-FOFD19, Josh Samples-FOF20, Alvina Maynard-FOFD21, Amia Nunn-FOFD22
Performing Artists and Dance Studios' Promo Code
Bluegrass Indo-American Society/Sharee School of Dance-FOFC01, Dance Studio Kalei-Apikai-FOFC02, Casa de la Cultura de Kentucky-FOFC03, Shuling Studio-FOFC04, Bluegrass Ceili Academy-FOFC05, Blackbird Dance Theater-FOFC06, America Dominicci-FOFS01
Visual Artists & Photographers' Promo Code
Victor Palomino-FOFV01, Tonya Vance-FOFV02, Esmeralda Cedillo-FOFV03, Kiptoo Tarus-FOFV04 and Cathy Vigor-FOFV05, Tatiana Aristizabal-FOFP01, Patrick Mitchel-FOFP02, Amalia Galdona Broche-FOFV06

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