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"Sarah Jane Estes Sustainable Design Competition" Designer
Future of Fashion 2020
7pm March 14, 2020
The Thoroughbred Center
3388 Paris Pike Lexington, Kentucky 40511

Joanne Hope Skiles Couch

Label: The Kentucky Trifecta by Handmade Hope Rags

Competition Models: Briyan Perez & Keagan Poole

Transplanted from So. California to Kentucky in 2009. I started Handmade Hope Rags in 2010.  A First Generation Filipino-American.  I am honored to be a Bluegrass-based Artist in the homeland of my paternal family since 1798.  My Grandfather was a Rough Rider with Teddy Roosevelt - I am a complex character of American Colonialism. I am a Trans-Disciplinary Artist:  Geo-Archaeologist, Artifact Curator,   Multi-Medium Artist, & Art Curator of the Bluegrass Transplants  Exhibition.

I have combined my two passions as an "ARCHivalArtist".  I have a personal archive of 1,200 rare Vintage Equestrian images & transform them into quality home decor products, fashion accessories, & apparel utilizing exquisite designer fabrics & tapestries procured from Los Angeles Fashion District, & domestic Hemp.  My Clients include: Shaker Village, Henry Clay's Ashland Estate, and Chef Ouita Michel, and I have focused on Hemp fabrics in my design work for 5 years since 2014.  I am Kentucky Proud Hemp certified.

Website: Kentucky Handmade Hope Rags

Facebook: Hand Made Hope Rags

Instagram: hopemadehoperags

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