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"Sarah Jane Estes Sustainable Design Competition" Designer
Future of Fashion 2020
7pm March 14, 2020
The Thoroughbred Center
3388 Paris Pike Lexington, Kentucky 40511

Samantha Jean Moore

Label: MOCOCO (Modern Country Couture) 

Competition Models: Andie Kaye Hansen & Alyssa Faith Erickson

Fourth generation seamstress Samantha Jean Moore is a full time fabric collage artist and multimedia producer. Using vintage fabric, broken jewelry, and other found objects, she creates innovative designs that breathe new life and meaning into what was previously discarded or undesirable. Samantha is best known for her Kentucky shaped pillows, but she is quickly making a name for herself in the realm of recycled fashion. She is at two time winner of the local Dress for Success “Recycle the Runway” competition, where designers are challenged to create a runway look using only discarded garments. Her work has appeared in music videos and on stage in NYC! 

Samantha is largely self-trained but she did study a variety of artistic disciplines at Transylvania University and Pontifical Catholic University of Peru including painting, collage, mural design, multimedia sculpture, and ceramics. ​



Instagram: mococolex

Facebook: mococolex

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